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Please write down in your agenda: august 12th 2018

A wonderful day for people who love Bracco Italiano and Spinone Italiano.

KCWF Hoorn
3, Roskam,
Zwaag Noord Holland,
the Netherlands

For the first time we are organizing a Club FUN day for members and non-members. We call it the FUN MEET&GREET. Hopefully we will meet a lot of Bracco and Spinone owners.
It would be great to meet people who love their Italian pointing dogs as much as we do.

For this occasion, we rented the terrain of the Kynologen Club West Friesland. During the day the building of the club will be staffed by a volunteer of KCWF Hoorn. A.o. there will be sold coffee/tea and soft drinks.
Parking available.

We have come up a few nice games for humans and animals. Participants will be placed in a team. Every team consists of 4 dogs and their owners/escorts. You can gain points at every game, which will be added up and the team with the most points will be the winner.

The teams will be competing to gain the title "Masters of FUN 2018". There will be some shops and a professional groom to advise Spinone-owners how to groom their dog's coat. There will also be a photo studio. For the price of 2,50 you can receive a digital portrait of your dog. Part of this amount will be for the association.

The day starts at 10 .30 A.M. Till 2.15 P.M. there will be time to collect points. At 2.30 P.M. we will have lunch Italian Style. During lunch the winners will be honored. End of the day around 5 P.M.

Volunteers of the VISJ will prepare the lunch. We will sit together at long tables. We ask you to bring your own seat. Dogs will be allowed to stay next to the owner, under the table :-) Lunch is home-made-prepared according to the authentic Italian kitchen by the "Kiss the CookBook" with family recipes of Nada Guerrini (Spinone breeder from Italy).

Participation costs 10,- per person (incl. lunch). Free entry for children up to 8 years old and dogs.

Please visit our website and download the registration form = Word document. You can send the completed form by e-mail to:

Closing date will be august 4th. After registration you will receive a confirmation. 5 days before the start you will receive the tickets by e-mail.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Tina Steffens



N.B. Deelname aan activiteiten van de Vereniging Italiaanse Staande Jachthonden (VISJ) gebeurt op eigen verantwoording. De Vereniging Italiaanse Staande jachthonden aanvaardt geen enkele aansprakelijkheid voor schade en/of letsel, indien deze tijdens VISJ-activiteiten wordt geleden.

Koesen-trends lifestyle
Belinda - vachtverzorging
Elvira - bracco-spinone winkeltje
Monique en Marjolijn- foto studio
Sierraden, brons en keramiek van Sig.La Spada


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